March 18, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

On a Sunday walk around the neighborhood a few weeks ago with my boyfriend, I noticed a huge pile of wood seemingly abandoned in an alleyway. We were on Greenpoint's industrial waterfront and no one was around since it was Sunday. I turned to my boyfriend and tugged at his sleeve. "Oh my god, I want these!" I said with maybe more desperation in my voice than appropriate. He was unimpressed. "You want... these?" "I want these!" I confirmed. "I'm sorry but I don't think you can have them sweetie" he said and dragged me past these beautiful, thick, huge ol' beams. "BUT I WANT THEM!" Fearing I was about to make a scene or worse, ask him to help me carry them back to his apartment one by one, he held me firmly by the arm and mumbled something about trespassing, taking what's not yours and calling the cops on me.

I knew he was right. I couldn't have them... yet. But they were mine alright.

A few days later I told Ariele about them. I knew she'd be in and of course she was, although I didn't really tell her that these beams were sort of behind a gate. I mean, an open one, but a gate nonetheless. I figured we'd deal with that later.

And so last Friday we rented a truck and drove up to the beam stash in Greenpoint. When we got there, the gate was open, as I knew it would be, but this time there were workers from the warehouses driving trucks in and out of the alley. Dammit.

Ariele looked uneasy. "Aw man, we can't take that wood! That wood must belong to these guys!" "Well why don't we ask someone? Maybe it's trash! It's been there forever and I don't see what exactly they'd be doing with it." She looked at me. "Alright. You ask." "Ok." I got off the truck. Truth be told, I had no idea if this was going to work. But what the hell. I walked over to one of the guys with the palette lifter. "Hi! Do you know if this wood is trash? Can I have it?" He looked at me unsure yet if I was completely crazy or just messing with him. But man was I serious. "This wood? Yeah, it's trash. You can have it." "All of it?" "Sure. There's more inside." I ran back to the truck and gave Ariele a big smile and a thumb up. She may have shrieked. I may have shrieked.

And so we got to work. In the truck you go you beautiful babies!

Look at the pretty gate! So friendly!

The warehouse guys were also really friendly. They showed us more wood they had piled up on a lot nearby but sadly it wasn't good at all. It was just low grade construction wood, not old growth and not nice at all. So we passed. But! They also had a dumspter there and we both spotted these pale green metal rods sticking out from the top. "What's that?" we both said in unison. We climbed up. "Beautiful!" we declared, and threw the rods in the truck with the beams.

What a grand morning we had! Thanks warehouse guys!

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