March 30, 2011

Coast to coast bouquets

It started when Spring started, that is in Northern Virginia. It was raining in New York, snowing in New Jersey, budding in Pennsylvania, but blooming in Virginia.

So on our first day we picked up some forthysia from the side of the road for the dashboard.

The next day we added to our bouquet a branch of lilac from the parking lot of our motel, still in Virginia.

Got a branch of Tennessee Pink tree in... Tennessee.

 These pretty white flowers came from the parking lot of a Denny's in Arkansas.

In New Mexico we found these dried thistle-looking flowers. No idea what they're called, anybody know?

And finally some wild flowers from California: mustard, lupine, pink clover and kangaroo paw (well that last one we snapped off a big plant in front of a building in Los Angeles... ).

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  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    tennessee - redbud, denny's look like cherry blossoms?


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