March 26, 2011

Going West: a wild chase with the sun.

The best thing by far in Arkansas was Sim's BBQ in Little Rock. The worst thing was pretty much everything else. Sorry Arkansas. I'm sure you're a lovely state with lots to offer but from the highway you looked boring, forlorn, idiotic: basically a succession of malls and prefab homes. Not my thing so much. Nor Ariele's.

Driving down the I-40 through Arkansas was absolutely devoid of interest, with the exception of the occasional dog riding in the back of a pick-up truck.

The antique places right off the highway were, once again, meh. We did get some pretty flowers from a tree in a Denny's parking lot though.

But soon we crossed the stateline into Oklahoma and everything changed. The sun came out and so did the cows! We got off the highway into the Old US 62 and passed field after field of grazing cows, pastures of horses, sheep, donkeys, goats.

This is what a typical Oklahoma home looks like: chairs on the porch, pick-up truck in the driveway.

These tall grasses have the best color: golden rust. They rustled softly in the warm afternoon breeze. Hmmmmm.


We drove down the Old US 62 instead of the I-40 all the way to Oklahoma City. Pretty much a straight line of patched up asphalt.

The sun slowly set out west, setting the sky on fire, and we kept driving toward it relentlessly, passing by small towns, ghost towns, thriving towns, new and old.

We stopped at a diner for burgers right outside Oklahoma City and then drove ourselves to the nearest motel and that was the end of Day 5.

Now sleep. Tomorrow, Amarillo, TX.

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