March 24, 2011

Got the Highway Forty Blues

Woke up right outside of Knoxville on Day 3 of our trip (yesterday) in another one of our beloved Quality Inns. Very comfortable beds. Very nice breakfast. Waffles and Lucky Charms!

Got in the truck and headed west toward Knoxville, which we finally passed, 36 hours later than planned.

Then this happened:



We stopped at a couple of antique places right off the highway but they all sucked. Waste of time, although clean bathrooms.

Arrived in Nashville around 2pm hungry as hell. We found this awesome hole-in-da-wall and got ourselves some lunch. Pulled pork sandwiches and grape soda.

Very nice folks. Wished us safe travels, etc.

We sat in a park nearby, or rather we sat right in the middle of Spring. Everything was in full bloom, matching our cans of grape soda. By the way, grape soda? is disgusting. No one ever warned me. What the hell, people.

When they say "artificially flavored" they mean serious business.

We hit a couple of stores, found a few things and got back in the truck. And as soon as we left Nashville this happened:



Crazy Tennessee.

We decided to take the scenic road, which took us deep into the back country for miles of windy roads through the woods. We crossed the Tennessee River and stopped nearby to look at the marshes.

Got some flowers.

Got some wood.

The sun set and we kept driving through Tennessee. We almost ran over a big oppossum lazily crossing the road. We ate some salami and bread. We almost got lost a couple time. And then we got back on I-40 and just like that arrived in Memphis, Tennessee around 10pm where some friends were waiting for us. Some heavy drinking may or may not have occurred. I mean, who knows what really goes on in Memphis?

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  1. Wow! How did you get to be an adult without ever having grape soda? I remember grape Ne-hi in a bottle from the vending machine at the gas station. Ice cold! That and Yoo-hoo chocolate drink are two things that take me back to childhood which I would politely refuse today. Yuck!
    I know all of this happened many moons ago, but I am really enjoying reading it now! Thanks!


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