March 23, 2011

Last post about Virginia! No, seriously, really.

The lovely old couple at the first antique store gave us a map. Not just any map, a map of all the antique stores in Virginia. As much as we love it, it may have been a mistake, because it caused us to spend a total of thirty hours in this state. Yup. We just couldn't manage to leave.

We chose a store on the map with a great name, Black Dog Salvage, and drove well out of our way to get there. Was it worth it? Of course!

Go here if you're in Virginia!

Amelie had found a beautiful blanket for $35 dollars (we saw almost the same blanket at a different store for $150) but other than that, we hadn't really found much that was in our price range. Until these. Actually, they were still out of our price range. But...

It was $125 for one. Usually we would never even consider something that expensive, but there was just something about these stools. We started talking to a man working there, and he gave us an amazing price after we told him our whole story. We ended up getting all three for the price of two. Can you believe it!

Here's what we ended up with: Three incredible vintage bar stool, a gorgeous retro/industrial table for $40, and Amelie's beautiful blanket. Some super thrifty finds, I'd say.


  1. Hi gals - Black Dog posted your blog on their FB page and I'm just reading your post about it! I've worked there on and off for several years now (I'm a school teacher by day . . . salvage lover by night . . . errrr Saturdays!!) and I just wanted to say how refreshing your pictures were. I would have never seen the light room that way . . . or even a few other spaces. Thanks for your support - we LOVE the Dog!! Happy Travels!

  2. Thank you so much! We were so happy to have the chance to go through all the great stuff in there. We only posted a fraction of all the wonderful photographs we took! Thanks for your comment, it means a lot to us! Perhaps we will meet you next time we are in Virginia.
    Thanks again Black Dog!


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