March 30, 2011

No scratches, no insanity, no tickets

We made it. The sun was setting over the trees and we had the promise of delicious homemade pasta ahead of us. Sounds perfect and relaxing and about time, right? But bizarre emotions are at play here, and I think what we didn't expect is: we don't want to stop.

How is that possible! I just drove across the country for nine days straight and I want to keep going. We are already experiencing an odd separation anxiety from our truck -- and it's still sitting in the driveway. How will we feel tomorrow when we have to return it to the rental place and walk away? It will be a mournful day, and I expect an eerie sadness. Perhaps it will take us a few days to readjust to staying in one place. There is a freedom that comes with having all your possessions with you, being able to leave when you want, go where you want.

I will miss it.

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