March 16, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Ariele saying that she was walking in her neighborhood and had spotted a dumpster near a church. And in this dumpster she had found some wood. More specifically some old beautiful oak kneelers. And that there were more in the church's basement.

A hundred more.

About to get thrown out.

She had gotten the church construction guy's number and she said we should get a truck and go back the next day. I said yes.

So the next day we went back to the church with a van and started loading it up with the kneelers (called in French "prie-dieux", literally "pray-gods"). The guy there wanted some money for them, which was fair enough even though we sort of did all his work of hauling these things out of the church for him... But $50 seemed a reasonable price for all that nice oak. He also let us take a few very cute chairs that I just adored. Wrong for the restaurant but perfect for my kitchen: turquoise and poppy red fiberglass shell chairs, in serious need of some sanding and recoating, fun!

We tried to get him to let us take the wainscotting down too (nice oak as well) but it didn't happen. Sad.
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So we drove away with about sixty of these puppies in the back of our truck, and some chairs for me. And then Ariele took them all apart (I somehow managed to escape this tedious and harrowing task, I think I was... busy that day. Or something). We're going to use the boards to make the tables and maybe part of the bar? This might be twisted of me, but I like the fact that old kneelers from a Brooklyn Lutheran church are being turned into tables for an Italian (hence historically Catholic) restaurant on the West Coast. It's like we're making these kneelers do a 180 in time and space with our super designer powers! Crazy.

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