March 18, 2011

The Prie-dieux's fight back

Well, it turned out the task of taking apart the Pray-God’s was not an easy one (Oh, that’s church kneelers in case you missed that priceless translation!) Upon first glance, I simply assumed I could knock off the bench-part of the kneelers with a sledgehammer, and that perhaps it would magically snap in the right spot, resulting in a stack of perfect planks. Well, that would have worked,  but leave it to the smart and crafty Lutherans of the old days to construct these things so that a tornado couldn’t pull them apart! 

Instead, what appeared to be simply doweled together, was actually hiding rather giant screws. Great. My problem of the five-foot-high-pile of Pray-God’s in my living room just multiplied by a million. But in walked my ever innovative and super logical boyfriend, and suggested that I use this bit of genius instead. 

Yes! It is a bike fork 
stuck over vice grips!

So now I had enough leverage to simply snap the wood off at the base. And possibly the best part? Those irritating and buried screws were just breaking off inside the wood! I thought I was going to have to get out the angle grinder. But nope! Joy to me. 

Eight hours of splinters and back pain later (and thoughts of "Amelie! Where are you!") this enormous pile…

Slowly became this pile…

And this pile too.

Until I was left with this bag of beauties from the support braces under the kneelers, that I will absolutely make one of the table tops out of. So pretty! 

And re-use these of course! 

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