March 22, 2011

Putting all that Tetris to good use

A sunny Sunday morning finally rolled around and the day began with picking up the truck. The real thing this time; The big baby. The whale. She drives like a big boat in water -- slow.

But we were ready. The trip had already been delayed a week to let some permits for the restaurant role through, and then delayed by another day. It felt great to finally hand over the credit card and seal the deal! No delaying this time.

Then the loading began. We reserved an entire day for that. We thought it may turn out to be all work and no play, but it was rewarding to see our "storage space" slowly empty out and become my apartment again!

Amelie just successfully carried a tower of three stools and a chair all at once into the truck. I'd be smiling too! (Actually I was smiling too!)

This was some serious tetris-style chair packing.

Narrow hallway + bendy staircase + heavy door = no fun.

Seven hours later. A glamour shot? If you can call two dusty, sweaty, exhausted girls in work boots and dirty clothes a glamour shot, then okay. But boy do we love the colors!

And no we did not both wear blue pants on purpose.            

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  1. I'd love to spend a journey to the west coast sitting on these flying chairs. It just needs some windows on the other side, to watch the landscape unfolding...


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