March 27, 2011

The road less traveled

The major highway I-40 is a four lane ugly monstrosity, but it runs parallel with the old route 66 which is a badly paved, two lane, amazing piece of history. So we decided to drive on that instead. At least some of the way.

There was rarely another car passing us in either direction on the 66, and when there was one it was only a local farmer going from one farm to the next. But when we would look over to our left at the big highway, people were staring at us out of their trucks as they passed us at eighty miles an hour, while we were going forty-five. I'm sure they were wondering why we would choose to take basically the same route but get to our destination two hours after they would. Well, look what they missed!


The old 66 used to pass right through many small towns, but now that the new highway was made, the small towns were given exit numbers on the highway which meant that people could opt out of getting off the highway at all. They all became ghost towns with no business from the drivers of I-40. Sad, yet really, really beautiful.



  1. hi - I will be driving through this area soon. Which part of route 66 is this? was it paved?

  2. Ooh that's fantastic! Yes it was paved, but my memory is already lost as to where exactly this was... I'll check with Amelie and see if she remembers {her memory is much better than mine!} I'll get back to you!


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