March 18, 2011

The second man I love

Somewhere in Brooklyn, and I shall not tell you where, there is a man. We will call him E. He is a wonderful man with so much to offer. He is trustworthy, kind, worldly and wise,  but most of all ---  he gives me damn good deals on junk!

I have been walking past my darling E’s garage for six years now, nearly every day. The first trick you learn early on is to go often and to go often. If you want to get the good stuff, you gotta be there to get it. Pretty simple really. The second trick? If you go often, you get better deals. It’s a beautiful thing. Oh, and if you go often enough to get those good deals on that great stuff, bring the man some homemade cookies! And sometimes a peppermint tea.

Really, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  I can’t even tell you how many of the beautiful things in my apartment came from E. Well, I suppose I could: nearly everything! Perhaps some time I will have a whole post of photographs of the great stuff I got from him. I mean, I once bought a chair for three dollars from E, and it’s gorgeous! Can that be beat? No way. 

I was so desperate for materials the other day for the restaurant (I was really feeling the pressure -- leaving soon, need to fill up an entire truck) so I went to E's to ease my nerves, knowing I'd find something there. Thinking that there might be some goodies in the back I haven't seen before, I fought my way through stacks of doors, some fifteen deep. Sure enough! I saw a little strip of thin oak draping over a broken cabinet, and followed it around the corner to find a jackpot! Some beautiful bundles of hundred year old flooring. Long strips too, the kind that goes across a whole room without a break. The consensus? Forty bucks and I can have it all.

Here we are loading the van, if you can call that "loading". Its more like we are... weaving. Some strips were so long we had to put them in one at a time, over the cab protector in the front and then bend them sideways so they would fit!

Ta-da! It was quite an accomplishment fitting all that in a van, especially since, buried under there somewhere are four doors, the huge beams we just got from Greenpoint, and a cooler for our trip. I can't wait to get the sixteen footer so we can lay the flooring flat instead!

Not the safest way to drive. Good thing we are not going far!

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