March 31, 2011

The Site

We did something today that made this whole thing seem almost real; We saw the space.

That's correct. We saw the site of the restaurant today for the first time. The place in which I will be spending the next two to three months, probably ten hours a day, everyday, working, building, stressing out, breaking things, messing up, starting over, and designing the crap out of it. Yes, we plan on making this thing gorgeous. If we have our way, which I know we will, it will be an absolute beauty -- like nothing this Bay has seen yet. What, is that not modest? Hopefully that is taken the right way, because it's a necessary thing to feel confident about taking on such an enormous project. There's nothing like doubt or timidness to take the momentum away from a goal that will require an absolute and total full-steam-ahead mind-set. If anything, I am talking myself into this attitude of complete self assurance, an attitude of which I will adopt from here on out, and will be unwavering about.

So here it is, in all its large and empty glory. I love it. It's a perfect canvas for what we want to do with the space. Beautiful, huge old windows with large panes, a cement floor, some exposed brick painted white, and a high, wood, black vaulted ceiling. Oh and a working, enormous fireplace. Kind of a perk since it gets chilly and damp here.

There is still so much that needs to be done before we can totally start with the building and design. Some plumbing would be nice, electricity would be awesome, doors need to be moved, a bathroom needs to be added, kitchen walls need to exist, and drawings need to be made and approved. But first off, some serious walls need to be knocked out -- just new walls that were additions for the store that was here before. And guess who gets to swing the first blow? Me! Us! Me and Amelie! It's like christening the boat with a bottle of champagne, though in this case it's a chunk of drywall and a sledgehammer or a sawsall or something.

To put it mildly, I'm ecstatic.


  1. Where is this in PG, Ariele?

  2. Central! Where the old Home Lighter used to be. Right near the aquarium.


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