March 25, 2011

Soul food + cheap antique chairs = Memphis

We had the pleasure of couch surfing last night on the two awesome vintage couches of some friends. The two of them are from Memphis and are in the antique and vintage business, so they knew all the right places to go. And going out with someone who knows the territory, and knows the people who run those territories, seriously paid off. The past couple (oh lets say eight or nine) "antique malls" we have been in have been total duds; too pre-sorted and pricey. But this time, we had an "in".

The guy we stayed with last night walked straight in and said "Hey Steve!" and after some introductions and a short explanation of our story, Steve was ready to help. He took us right out the back door into what he called the 'junky' area -- which is just how I like it. I spotted three chairs for the restaurant right away, and feeling quite happy already, assumed that would be it. But nope. We were escorted around the corner of the outdoor parking lot of the warehouse, up to a padlocked door with a rusty lock that probably wasn't opened very often. I could already tell I was in for a treat.

It was the best. It was incredible. An entire airplane hangar full of furniture -- full of furniture that nobody else ever got to see. I was speechless with gratitude, for these people who hear our story and just want to help, who go above and beyond and out of their way to contribute. I could not have been any happier.

And what did I pull out of the recesses of those dark and dusty piles of junk? A grand total, and a single day's record, of fifteen chairs and a bar stool. 

Thanks Memphis!

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