March 17, 2011

Take that, landfill!

Listen. Dumpsters are not gross. They're not full of rats and bed bugs. They don't always smell of cat pee and they don't have dead bodies in them (knock on wood).

Dumpsters are magic. You never know what you'll find in them until you climb on top and have a peak: doors? beams? windows? empty beer bottles? funky smelling chair? Most of the time, all of the above, plus a lot of debris. Always worth checking! And yeah, you might want to bring some gloves.

Ariele had spotted one right around the corner from her house in Bed-Stuy. Bed-Stuy is a great neighborhood for dumpsters as a lot of brownstones are being renovated, ie gutted entirely. It is sad actually, since all of the original floors, doors, moldings, are basically being thrown out and replaced by their new, cheap, modern equivalents - laminate floors instead of hardwood, hollow core doors instead of solid ones, fake marble tiles instead of ceramic tiles... Why do people do that? Don't they realize it's stupid and ugly and stupid?

Anyway. All the better for us! Here Ariele is collecting a bunch of thin lathes we'll use later for table tops or on the walls (after we thoroughly clean and seal them, not to worry my dears). They're so pretty. All the same size but different hues and perfectly weathered. Beautiful!

We also got a few old beams from that dumpster, good for table bases and shelves and whatnot. Pretty good dumpster it was, and right around the corner.

And on our way back to Ariele's house these two chairs were just waiting for us out on the sidewalk in a neighbor's trash. Two perfectly good and nicely worn wooden chairs with vinyl seats. Score. We'll clean them, give them a coat of teak oil and beeswax, reupholster them and voila.

Oh yeah, it did rain the day before this so they were still completely wet. The foam in the seat was full of water, dirty stagnant water and rotting leaves. We'll have to replace that too.

Here I'm standing on one of the chairs in an attempt to squeeze out as much water as possible before bringing them in. Efficient but a little gross, I'll concede.

Ok maybe like, totally gross.

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