March 23, 2011

The teeny tiny town Buchanan

The girl who told us about this Virginia town said that if we blinked, we'd miss it. And we almost did. One long street with beautiful brick buildings on either side. One post office, one diner, a florist, a fire house, a movie theater, and (luckily for us) two antique shops.

And yes, when you wear a plaid flannel shirt in the South, you find a guy wearing the same plaid flannel shirt once every fifteen minutes. 

We met the nicest couple in this antique store. They wanted to come with us, both of them. They seriously wanted to get in the back of the truck with all the wood and chairs and come along for the ride. The old man had driven a few times across the country, decades ago when it was completely different. He said that he wished he could do it one more time, but he couldn't handle the drive at his age. I wanted him to come along too! We have a third seat in the middle!

Then he took this awesome photograph of us. He was so happy that he could contribute these to the restaurant, and it was amazingly touching that he felt so strongly about our story.

After we loaded these in the truck, we went down the street, upon his recommendation, to another antique store. I found a couple chairs that I loved, but one was $35, which was a little more than I was willing to spend (It adds up fast!). I asked if I could get a better price, perhaps $30? The woman said "How about $21?". Apparently some people in Virginia don't know how to bargain. Works for me!

That's right, that means we got ten chairs in one tiny, tiny town. Score!

We were about to get in the truck and leave (no really we were!) when we had to stop for food. I mean, we hadn't had a hot meal in two days! I swear we must be the only two "truckers" who get to the motel late at night and make ourselves a salad. So yes, we needed to get a burger. 

(Note: The guy in the overalls in the background! Amazing.)

And sure enough, this ended up being the best burger we have ever had. Ever! I'm serious. Ever! It was so good I had to go up and tell the cook.

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