March 26, 2011

The three faced doll and the two wooden chairs.

We took it easy on the antiquing today, only stopping at two places and passing by a ton. We are starting to get a little tired of these antique 'mall' style places, where it's just a bunch of different vendors selling old lady glass ware. Not that there is anything wrong with old lady cups and saucers, but its not exactly what we're after. And so far the last three states have been filled with them.

Here's the first place we stopped, but the man you see in the picture (a very talkative man) was only the caretaker of the warehouse and couldn't sell any of the stuff because he didn't know the prices. Which was too bad, since there were some -- can you guess? -- chairs in there! But he was very nice (did I mention talkative?).

 He told us to keep going and take a left at the only stop light in town, and that there was an antique store there that might have some things for us.

And that is where Amelie found this creepy thing. Thank goodness she didn't buy it, I may have nightmares about it tonight!

And of course, I found two chairs!

Which leaves us with a grand total of --- drum roll, please -- forty eight chairs! Yes. It's true. It may be hard to imagine, but we still have some room in the truck for more. Although  our organization is getting worse and worse with every stop we make!

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