March 27, 2011

Through the desert and up the mountains

We left Albuquerque after an excellent lunch (fajitas and flan) and hit good ol' Forty West toward Flagstaff, AZ and ultimately California. Albuquerque (or the little we saw of it) was lovely. I like cities with mountainous backgrounds.

I-40 through New Mexico and Arizona is very -yawn- straight.

A dust tornado! 

Things to look at while on a very straight road: rocks, red dirt, black dirt, horses, cows, freight trains, abandoned towns, trailer parks, Indian trading post billboards... Sadly we also saw a few dead dogs on the side of the road, run over by cars. Also sad, the number of abandoned businesses, gas stations, diners, motels.

Seems like life in the desert is tough for everybody.


A little before Flagstaff the desert turned into mountains. The elevation was 5000 feet, a sign told us. Our ears popped. It felt good to see big trees again. Not so much to see snow.

We didn't stop except for gas and coffee (and a beaded belt) and drove all the way to Kingman, AZ, the last town before California.

End of Day Seven.

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  1. I love your work here. The I-40 stretch through NM and AZ may be boring, but the beauty is unmatched. I'm going out to LA (for the 6th time) in April of 2013. How did you set up your camera(s)?


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