March 31, 2011

Our lovely truck... now sitting in the alley, lonely, cold, hundreds of pounds lighter, and waiting to be sent back to its abusive family of other renters. Renters who scratch it. Have you seen the side of that thing? I should really show you.

We love that truck, even though it doesn't go up hills, doesn't really go down hills, doesn't corner, eats gas, and is loud and fat. But it treated us well, better than we expected or could have hoped for. So by now, its our baby and we are sad to see it go. Is that weird? I think I know the answer to that.

So all our treasures we collected over the last month are now sitting outside under a tarp. Ouch. We couldn't put them in the restaurant yet because, well, because we still need to knock down walls and make a huge mess, and fifty chairs, seven bar stools, and a four foot high, sixteen foot long, pile of wood would probably get in the way.

So here they are. Our fifty chairs. Boy, are we proud. Some of you may think we are crazy to have such a miss-matched group, but just wait. Just wait and see. If you don't get it now, you will in a couple weeks!

Unloading took quite a few hours of backbreaking work. And it was really hot in this part of California today, for the first time in... my life? So we had to take a lunch break.

Then more unloading.

And more.

Until we were left with one dirty truck and two very tired girls. And that's usually a combination for a pretty successful day.

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