March 23, 2011

Virginia, Oh Virginia.

At the end of our first day on the road, we decided to stop for the night in a Quality Inn in Staunton, VA. Gotta love the Quality Inn.

Breakfast on da house.

And back on the road.

But not for long! We had to stop for flowers first.

Then we had to stop again and take a closer look at that dead vulture.

The poor thing.

And back on the road.

We made a few more stops going down the I-81 and got some great bargains on chairs, bar stools, a table and a pretty wool blanket! (Post to follow)

Virginia far exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by how beautiful it looked. Rolling hills, blooming trees, old houses, tiny towns... But the best part was how nice and friendly the people there are. We've met some of the warmest, most helpful and generous people in Virginia.

On the downside, we loved it so much that we ended up spending way more time there than planned and had to reconsider our route. After much deliberations, we decided not to go to Alabama anymore. We really wanted to see the Harmony Club in Selma but it was just too far out of our way and we have to be in Monterey on the 30th. It was a hard decision to make but it will allow us to spend more time off the highway and more in the backcountry, which is after all what makes this trip so great.

And so we finally crossed the state line into Tennessee last night around 9pm, a rough 24 hours behind schedule... but two really happy girls in a truck getting fuller and fuller as we cross this gigantic breathtaking continent. I feel completely overwhelmed. In a very good way.


  1. You didn't want to hang the vulture from the rear-view? I suppose the flowers are the next best thing.


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