April 16, 2011

And two.

This is the second table top we worked on today. Remember this?

We got this big bundle of old oak flooring from our favorite junk store in Brooklyn. We brought it over from New York to California in our truck then denailed all the little strips, sanded and cleaned the dust off, and finally cut them up...



Into this!

Not done yet but we had planned to go see a movie at 7pm with Gerard Depardieu (Potiche) et Gerard doesn't wait. So we followed Hemingway's excellent advice to always stop working before you're completely done, so that you can jump right back into it the next day.

Tomorrow morning, I foresee a breakfast of leftover crêpes and a marathon of table top making fun.

I never want this to end.


  1. (I've always followed Hemingway's advice, without even knowing it.)
    I love these tables. Seeing these pictures makes me want to bricoler des trucs, but I don't have time for this, so I console myself with the dismantling of huge scenographies, metallic constructions, and spotlights. Quite fun.

  2. Yes, we even have the luxury of actually getting paid to do this... when we would both do it for absolutely free. Or even pay to do it.

    Also, I'm definitely building one for my house.

    I'd like to try stage design. Some day. Sounds like fun.

  3. Did you also make your safety glasses?!


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