April 3, 2011

Best of today - Santa Cruz edition

Today we drove up to Santa Cruz to check out the usual suspects - thrift stores, antique stores, salvage places. Santa Cruz is about 45 miles north of Monterey so it should have taken us less than an hour to get there but we like to make a lot of detours. An insensible amount of detours, some might say.

Santa Cruz itself ended up being rather disappointing, so apparently they are on to something when they say it's the journey, not the destination. Who knew, really.

Just for you my fine fellows, this is the very best of today.

A goat on the side of the road! Actually, five goats.

A barn! In imminent danger of collapsing. We wants. We didn't gets. Left note and phone number in mail box. Crossing fingers.

A heart-shaped pin cushion! Belonged to a very sweet lady who does reupholstery for Ariele's mom. It belonged to her mother and her aunt before that.

Pretty patterns! This store had a lot of hand woven fabrics, rugs and blankets from all over the world. We wants. We gots (although not these).

Dried wild sage from California! Smells so good.

Floor plan! Spent a few hours cutting out little tables out of graph paper and trying out different configurations.

Cute cat! But beware. She is a wild, wild purring machine.

That's it! Tomorrow the Alameda Antique Fair and Home Depot. Not sure which one I'm more excited about.

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