April 22, 2011

Brooklyn to West to Brooklyn.

Flew back to New York on Monday for a couple of weeks to move out of my apartment (lease is up). Funny thing to undo in a few hours days of going west. Without seeing much of interest either... These clouds illuminated by the rising sun were literally the highlight of the trip (excuse the pun).

Being back in New York has been an interesting experience. Everything is the same, yet things have gained some perspective. Or rather I have. I feel slightly foreign again, a familiar stranger accepted but not integrally part of the city. Even though I love New York dearly and have called it home for most of my adult life, I've never considered myself a real New Yorker since I didn't grow up here but was already in my early twenties when I first came here. I like it that way. I like feeling like an outsider. I'm glad this road trip has sharpened my sense of being "displaced". I think most expatriates can relate. As far as experience has taught me, to be an expat you need the ability to carry your home within yourself. Which I can do quite well, I am glad to report.

And so being back in Brooklyn after a month away, I can look at it clearly again and enjoy it in all of its glory. Brownstones, waterfront, bars, subway, bikes, bagels, but also its cosmopolitan population, its diverse languages and cultures, its history, its geography...

Brooklyn, I missed you without even knowing it. Good to be back even though it'll be short this time. I'm flying back to California on May 3rd. Then I promise I'll stay put for a while.


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