April 8, 2011

The Chair Hospital - Ailments, diagnosis and remedies

So we're still waiting on the collective go-ahead from the owners/insurer/contractor/city/etc to take down some unnecessary walls and build up new ones to separate the kitchen from the dining room. It's only a matter of days but in the meantime we have been working hard on getting all our chairs healthy and fit for service.

Since we got them all one by one on our way across the country, they are all different and have different issues. Some of them just need a quick sanding and a rub of tung oil and beeswax or a new coat of paint. Some of them need a few screws tightened. Some need to be reglued. Some need new seats. A couple need new crossbars.

The first step has been to sort them out and identify for each one what needs to be done. Today Ariele spent a few hours glueing and clamping while I was outside sanding and oiling. This is a lot of work, folks. But look how pretty! Totally maybe worth it.

That last one is a metal stool we got in Memphis I think (right, Ariele?) and the paint is peeling off so I spent some time today chipping it off with a screwdriver and then rubbing it with steel wool. No peeling paint in a restaurant of course, so when all the loose paint is gone we're going to apply a few coats of polyurethane to seal it. Bam!

A lot of work indeed. But we took the night easy and made delicious crepes for dinner. Back at it tomorrow!

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  1. Yes! We got that blue stool in Memphis. Eight bucks! Looks even better now that you chipped some paint off.


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