April 13, 2011

Coffee + power tool = good

It doesn't look like much now, but just wait. In a couple days this will be turned into beautiful table tops!

I'm thrilled! I am so excited for these tables to start taking shape. Each one is going to be different, and all will be masterpieces! I already made a table with a design like this back in Brooklyn  -- which I intended to sell, but I think I'm in love with it so it's not going anywhere. I just can't let it go. And now I get to make a bunch of them! Though the sad thing is I've got leave them all here when we go back... Obviously. But still. Sad.

It's incredible how attached we can get to things we have made with our own hands. I imagine it's like having a child, in a strange way. Less intense, of course, but still, there is a huge bond between the things we have created from nothing and nurtured into something. But enough of that...

So before we start building, we have to do some serious de-nailing and some serious cleaning. Yes, this wood came out of a dumpster. But before you get grossed out or doubtful, read this! I mean, we're not going to leave it how we found it (kinda dirty) it's going to be well cleaned and completely sealed. What, aren't you excited about eating off of something that was trash? We sure are!

We are also re-using all the old square nails that come out of this wood -- of course! 

And here's something to temporarily be excited about (well, for us anyway): all the old electrical wiring was pulled out today! And boy was it a mess up there. That means the rafters are all clear and free of unsightly cords and wires. It looks so much better already.

I know I said I'm sick of chairs, and I never want to see one ever again... But this was just too pretty to pass up. So, more chairs. I know, I know. Enough.

Tomorrow morning at eight thirty am, after getting a cup of coffee, the new (actually, gently used) chop saw comes out, and the hundreds of cuts it will take to make these tables begin! What a good, good way to start the morning; Caffeine and noise!

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  1. you gals are my heroes! but where did such young ladies acquire so much knowledge about construction? in school? (if so, which one?) sorry to be nosy but i find it so admirable.


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