April 16, 2011


Made crêpes last night. This is my mom's recipe, although is it still a recipe if it's been eyeballed for three or four generations and never written down? I think the secret isn't so much in the ingredients but in the process. How liquid the batter is and how much gets poured on the pan, how hot the pan is, etc.

My mom sometimes makes crêpes à la béchamel but that's a dish of its own. Crêpes salées are usually either jambon-fromage or oignons-lardons. She adds a tablespoon of dark rum to the batter for crêpes sucrées and I like them best just plain with a little sugar.

When I make crêpes here in America, I make them deluxe, with cheese, ham, onions and mushrooms all together. Because in this country more is better and better is more.

Trader Joe's has a pretty good gruyère.

The ham this time was smoked and although delicious in a sandwich, I didn't really like it in my crêpe.

What's the only thing better than caramelized onions? Caramelized onions with caramelized mushrooms.

The edge of a crêpe should look like lace.

Et voila!

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