April 12, 2011

Dear chair, we've grown apart. It's not you, it's me.

Us and the chairs have broken up. The entire subject has officially been exhausted. I no longer want to sit in one, speak of one, or look at one again. Really.

No, actually, not really, but close. The frustrating thing about the past few days is that we fixed and refinished all our favorite chairs first (of course, no self control). So we have been stuck fixing up the the boring ones, the less beautiful ones, the ones that we aren't super thrilled about. I mean, when you have fifteen days to buy fifty cheap chairs, you inevitably end up with a few that aren't... super great. And it's remarkably less rewarding to fix up the kinda ugly ones... No offense chairs!

But something I learned today was that sanding an ugly red chair makes really beautiful pants. 

And sanding an ugly red chair and scraping an ugly blue one makes a really beautiful floor.

 A cute old bentwood cafe chair we finished up today. It's decent, I don't dislike this one!

Here's a mediocre chair after sanding:

And then after tung oil and wax:

It was not easy to force ourselves to fix up the very, very last chair. It's broken, it's painted, it's kinda ugly, it's uninspiring, we're tired... Amelie was on the verge of snapping. How nice would it be to just take it out into the parking lot and smash it? Really nice. Really, really nice.

So we didn't smash it. But we didn't fix it either. We just left. We went home and did some drawings of our booths and tables instead.

But here they all are. The army, the group, the posse, our only friends for the past week. They are ready. They will now sit there in the corner, covered in a tarp, while their new home is built around them. We are on to the next thing! What's next? Tables! Thank goodness...

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  1. you two are amazing and so inspiring!


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