April 22, 2011


Worked out some floor plan drawings today; Things need to start being settled in their relatively final resting places. It's a problem. Too soon, I say!

Then back to de-nailing piles of floor boards. That means I only have a couple bundles of this oak left, and I am hoping that it will be enough! There's no way to know -- until I know. All I cam do is waste as little as possible, use every scrap and off-cut, and hope it will last me through thirteen more tables.

 Table eight! Good thing this is still fun.


  1. Please save me one table for when I come back! I feel so frustrated not being there. Argh!

  2. There may be a FEW tables left! Who knows. Perhaps when Isaiah is here we will work on something else, not the tables. Wish I could say I will save demolishing those damn walls for you, but I'm attacking those things the moment we get that permit!

  3. That's the best table yet! Amazing.


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