April 2, 2011

Empty, ready, and waiting

Had our first meeting with an electrician today. Exciting! Talked about the ceiling and all those beautiful rafters, and getting some sockets put in for hanging lights.

Then we discussed how we would treat the floor, which is cement covered in black mastic from when they tore up the tiles that were there before. We like it though! Right now all that gray color is dust from the drywall, so we had to pour a little coffee on it and rub it around to see what it would look like polished with a cement sealant. Hilarious really. But it worked! What we really need is a mop.

The electrician and I matched. Well, a little.


  1. Just finished my own (mini)road trip to LA. I make light fixtures from recycled barrel hoops; might be a good fit for your new place- http://www.maurice-connolly.com

  2. Cool! Where did you drive from?

    We're actually going to make our own lamps but nice work on the barrel hoops. They look nice and big. Come by check out the new space once it's done!

  3. Scarlett at Saffron and Genevieve pointed to your blog from Facebook(knows your folks?).It sounds like you had fun traversing the country. My road trip was only LA to San Jose, via Hwy 1 & 101. Fitting out the restaurant should be fun- keep us updated!


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