April 20, 2011

Finally a seven

Today I decided to combine some pale lathe with the oak flooring to get some contrast. The only problem is that the lathe is thicker than the oak, so without a planer, it requires sanding to get them even and level.

I also got a borrowed work partner today, although Shams isn't quite as good with the palm sander as Amelie, nor does she take measurements very well. I'm just happy to have good company even if the company isn't helping me build tables!

There are a couple awkward little gaps that still need to be filled in, but I ran out of steam today. Put off the boring parts till later, right? So here it is, number seven. Fourteen more to go.

Yeah, no problem, no problem at all. I totally got this.



  1. These tables are incredible!
    If I was a hard edged painter I'd be stealing you compositions!

  2. love this one...stunning!!!!


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