April 14, 2011

From church to table

From the start, we've been really excited that some of the wood we have came from an old church in Brooklyn. Without even speaking to each other about it, we both made up our minds that we would use this oak for tables. It was meant to be! What was once used for prayer, would now be used for eating. What people once rested their knees upon, they would now rest their elbows. Love it!

These pieces were braces that came from the undersides of the church kneelers I took apart while back in Brooklyn. I spent eight exhausting hours unscrewing and disassembling them for our cross country trip, so it was a bonus when I realized they could be used for a table too! We set them up like the worlds easiest puzzle, and voila! They are so pretty...

Well, not quite voila. They are just sitting on top of that awful and sad home depot ply, so we must still glue them down, then I think we'll put back in all the screws that I took out and saved (all those holes!). We think the metal and wood will look great together!

Also, as you may have noticed, there aren't quite enough of them to fill the entire table... which initially was a disappointment, but sometimes these dilemmas create problems that, once overcome, make it better! So we have great plans for filling in that empty space. Just wait!


  1. two hazels momApril 14, 2011

    awesome puzzle. i know where you can get some green glass to fuse
    together to make some inserts....

  2. Love your work. You two are really talented and creative!


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