April 27, 2011

Initial here. And here, here, here, and here.

Today, we partied. Today, we had a real reason to celebrate. And when I tell you why, you may be surprised: today, we officially signed the lease.

Yep, that's right. You read me correctly. That means we haven't had a lease this whole time. What! But you've been working on this restaurant for a month now! Yes, indeed, we have.

Was this foolish? Yeah. Over zealous? Yep. Stupid? Most likely, a little stupid too. But we were so hard-headed that we would make this work we went all out anyway. And there was a ten percent chance this whole thing could fall through until yesterday when signatures and initials were finally put on paper. Whew! I never brought any of this up before because, well, why bother.

But now! Now it's one-hundred percent final.

So on the way to the site we saw this sidewalk that was reminiscent of my table patterns. What a surprising place to see something so beautiful.

Then, speaking of tables, we brought them all from the garage to the site so we could set them up for the party. The first time I have seen them all together. Wow. Except this shot is looking at them through the hole we kicked in one of the walls. Artsy!

And there they are, more like art than furniture for now. But to me, and hopefully to others, they will always be art even when they are furniture.

Three bottles of prosecco to celebrate and a lot of toasts -- and some enthusiastic tearing down of "For Lease" signs hanging in the windows.



  1. Congratulations!!!
    Those tables ARE art!

  2. But... did you have enough *chairs* for the party?

    I love this lots.


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