April 19, 2011

The lonely table six

Today was... strange. Amelie flew away to Brooklyn this morning. For two weeks she will be gone! A necessary brief excursion back to real life to take care of real life things. Brooklyn? What? Where's that? Seems very, very far away -- mentally more than physically. Oh Amelie! How will I survive!

Well, I forced myself to get on with it and make a table. That's how.

It's my mourning table. Simpler, out of necessity. Table number six, baby!

I pulled the other ones out of the pile to see what they looked like together. So far, we have only seen them one at a time before retiring them into the stack of others. I love them. Love them.

Obviously the one on the left there isn't finished yet. Just couldn't pull myself together quite enough to complete it yet.

Today was cold and drizzly. Not inspiring. I think Amelie took the good weather with her -- well, hopefully she did because you people in Brooklyn deserve some! I moved all the tables and tools into the garage over night to stay rust and warp free, and realized for the first time in my life that the garage is beautiful. Who knew. I love when those things happen...


  1. Coucou Ariele & Amelie
    Votre projet est EXTRA, votre blog est un pur bonheur !
    Bisous de France
    J'ai fais un petit post sur vous par là :
    A bientôt

  2. these tables are gorgeous. (you make me want to build some)

  3. je decouvre votre blog via wo&wé....Love this fantastic project!!!!! I will follow you for sure....the tables are just amazing!!! great job guys!!!
    Have a safe trip!!!!

  4. Olivier, Thank you dearly for your wonderful post about us! I am so honored. I absolutely love your lamps and have been following your progress for a while. They are beautiful and stunning!

    And thank you Juliette, Paul, and Cez!

  5. we just looked at your tables Wow and Wow. Marguerite and rosemarie are here. We are sooooo impressed. Absolutely fabulous Auntie elaine .

  6. Why thank you!! You will all come down for the opening to see them in person, I hope!


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