April 1, 2011

The lows and highs of our Thursday

Lows of the day:

The truck back in its natural habitat!

Look at our baby sadly set between a port o potty and another U Haul. Bye bye Birdie.

Then we went to the beach and it was lovely until we realized our feet were covered in oil.

Highs of the day:

Cool patterns on the water (although probably polution)

Yellow poppies

What's better than old wood? Old wood and palm trees

Flowers on our windshield left by Ariele's mom

A $3 chair from Last Chance Mercantile

Ariele bought this lovely dish set that happened to perfectly match my dress.

Speaking of the dress, I got it in L.A at Saint Vincent de Paul for $3 and I LOVE it! It's a little too big now but I'll fix that when I reunite with my sewing machine in New York.

Look! How pretty!

Now I just need to work on that tan.


  1. ou peut-être que tu devrais la refiler à ta soeur qui est plus grande.

  2. Eh ho ben oui hein ca va bien aussi. Pendant qu'on y est, faisons du passe table en marbre!


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