April 4, 2011

Of turquoise convertibles

I have a turquoise Cadillac Eldorado 1976 tattooed on my foot. It's the car Christian Slater drives in True Romance and Nicholas Cage drives in Wild At Heart. It's beautiful, it's big, it's fabulous, it's AMERICA and I'll never own one. Well, probably never.

So I got one tattooed on my foot a couple of years ago (I also have a NY Mets/Olympique Lyonnais tattoo on my arm and a couple of birds and anchor on my leg) (sorry mom, sorry dad). I love it. It reminds me of road trips, of adventures, of going places, even when I'm just home or bored or depressed or restless. It's silly but it works.

Anyway, yesterday at the Alameda Antique Fair amongst lots of really cool stuff I saw a few toy cars in a crate. Metal, chipped painted, old school toy cars. I already own a few, bought here and in France and I love them. And in this box there it was. A turquoise convertible, just like the one on my foot.

I asked how much, and the guy said ten dollars. Ugh. I offered five but he said no, ten. I didn't want to spend ten dollars on a toy car, not because I'm cheap but because I really believe that a good deal adds immensely to the value of an object. I know it's the same toy car but getting it for ten dollars or for one dollar makes a big difference to me. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I had tons of money in the bank, but I don't. So there you go.

The guy must have caught on my interior turmoil because he asked what was so special about the car. I said: "You don't understand, I have this exact car tattooed on my foot!" He said "No way" I said "Yes way" and took my shoe and sock off and stuck my foot under his nose.

There was a moment of silence, then he laughed and said "You know what? You can have the car."

Now I just need to try this with a used car dealer.


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