April 5, 2011

Old wood: it's got issues

Today began with fixing chairs.

Some chairs. Two, to be exact. We started with the absurdly damaged ones, which meant we had to pull them completely apart -- well, they mostly fell apart, so these particular chairs took a while.

After we got these poor things out of the intensive care unit and into stable condition, we moved on to the site.

The most urgent problem there was that we couldn't open the damn front door. For one, because no key exists for that lock anymore, and two, because the door was so swollen from water damage that even a hard beating wouldn't really get it open. So first, we had to kick it a lot. Then, I had to take out the existing door lock and handle, and it was taken to get fitted for a new key. Then, out came my beautiful old chisels and we got to work basically shaving off an inch on one side of the door. It, also, took a while.

Then came the sad news. We love these doors and absolutely want to use them, but among other possible issues, they have serious termite damage. I mean, its crumbling inside. And I was crumbling inside too when we took a screwdriver, poked it, and all this came out. Yuck. Not cool, termites. Not cool at all.

I think we may have some options for fixing it, cause we aren't enthused on the idea of buying a new door. New meaning salvaged of course, just new to us. So, we take it off, exterminate those termites, cut away this damaged corner and replace it with fresh wood like fitting in a puzzle piece. Or, instead of wood we use some sort of epoxy filler to rebuild this area -- must do research!

Here's the other possible problem with this door (we will have definitive answers in a couple days, so this is merely speculation): its might need to be tempered glass. Ya know, restaurant codes and whatnot! So we might have to replace the glass, which isn't desirable, but is a... possibility.

We will do everything we can to save this door! Its had a hard life so far... neglect, water, termites. I just want it to be happy and healthy again!


  1. i know i am supposed to be focused on the door and chair but, um, i LOVE your ring and boots. LOVE.

  2. Ariele,
    This is somewhat serendipitous but I think we went to school together. Do you have a contact email?Where is your new restaurant in Monterey? I would love to hear more about your project and maybe see if you need an extra hand.
    Hoping to hear from you!

  3. Hey Lauren,

    Perhaps we did go to school together. Which school are you referring to? I've attended a couple! The restaurant is in Pacific Grove, on Lighthouse Ave. You should absolutely come to the opening night, probably in two months, hopefully!


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