April 9, 2011

So many chairs, no place to sit

Today: a continuation of yesterday. What has changed? Not a whole lot. We got a little more done, feel a little more accomplished, and didn't kick any holes in any walls. The patients are still in the waiting room, but by now, most of them have at least been looked at. I'd say that's pretty good!

It was moving smoothly today since Amelie tackled sanding with a vengeance. The arrival of the palm sander sure sped things up! Goodness, what a brilliant invention. And it left some beautiful chair dust in its wake.

Then I tackled a serious gonner. This one was almost on its deathbed, and I'm still waiting to see if it can be brought back to life. Only time will tell for this poor thing! And speaking of poor thing, why do people think they can fix chairs with things like hot glue and cramming fifteen little nails into a chair leg? That's right, I said hot glue. Hot glue! I'm perplexed. What a mess.

I mean, really. Hot glue barely holds two matchsticks together if you pull on them, why in the world would it hold the weight of a two hundred pound person? Well, I guess that's why I got this chair for three dollars, huh.

So mostly its just better to start all over. Pull the whole thing apart, piece by piece. There's nothing greater than a freshly sanded joint to smother in glue and clamp up. Ahhh, satisfaction! Now that'll hold 'em.

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