April 11, 2011

Sunday, fun day.

Today we took a day off. Well we were supposed to take a day off, it being Sunday and all. This morning Ariele's Dad said "you girls worked hard all week, why don't you take it easy today? No work! Go have fun!" We said alright, got in the car and drove to the nearest coffee shop... and made some important and very necessary lists and plans.

Then we went to Home Depot and checked a few prices on conduit and plywood (gotta build booths! and a whole fancy lighting system!). We didn't buy anything since we have to finish working on the chairs (a couple more days) then build a few dozens tables (a week?) before we start on the booths but we're trying to keep a few steps ahead.

Ariele's Dad called and said "Why don't you girls go for a walk on the beach?" We said alright, and drove to the site, where we spent a few hours drawing out imaginary tables and chairs on the floor with chalk.

Then we had a lovely dinner with Ariele's mom and her awesome friends and we talked for hours. About? Well let's see. Ariele's mom is an interior designer and her friends just bought a house in Big Sur and are renovating it themselves (and even had paint drips all over their glasses to prove it!).

We even pulled out a measuring tape and checked table dimensions. And drew floor plans.

Days off are fun, but most of all they're so productive! Who knew?

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