April 25, 2011

Tavola undici

Table eleven! And I finished it by twelve thirty. It's hard to tell if I'm getting more adept or they are getting less complex. Nah, I think I'm getting faster. 

Lots of off cuts and saw dust.

And I have some great news: there is definitely enough oak for all the tables! I just uncovered a few extra bundles I didn't know I had. We buried them beneath other planks and beams when we unloaded everything from the truck. I'm so happy! I was getting worried.

Wouldn't all these patterns make a great floor?  Ugh, I would love that! I'm saving that for "one day".
I finished table number eleven just as lunch was being served, the most delicious pasta al pomodoro ѐ aglio. Yes, this dish will be served at the restaurant, and you'll most likely be able to get it for about eight bucks. Excited yet?


  1. two hazels momApril 26, 2011

    now that is a good looking table, plate, and fork.....pass the sea salt bowl.

  2. I'm going nuts over your blog. The tables are looking fab and I'm so excited to snuggle up with ALL your backposts. You guys are amazing and this project is too cool for school.

  3. Oh my, thanks Dan! Coming from you, that means a lot. We've been reading you for a while and your creativity and inventiveness have been truly inspiring. Yay to making a lot with little!


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