April 8, 2011

Three kicks for mankind

As an understatement, this whole thing has been a roller coaster. It's been no, yes, no, maybe, no, yes. Every day, something changes, and we have to roll with it or face serious disappointment -- which we seem to face anyway, whether we roll or not. Though on the bright side, it usually ends up working out for the better. In fact, when I think about it, there hasn't been a single thing so far that has been a 'no' and has stayed that way. Luck? Fate? Charm? Talent? Meant to be?

So anyway, these walls. These damn, stupid, damn walls. We dislike them tremendously. They are in our way, they are ugly, they are insignificant-easily-demolishable-scraps of good-for-thuthin' drywall that we can't touch. One day we have permission to destroy, the next? Not so much. Its frustrating. Its exasperating. Its just plain old awful.

We have refrained thus far. We have patiently walked past the sledgehammer and the crowbar without so much as a glance for the past week. We have planned our designs looking through them, walking around them, pretending they are gone when they are very, annoyingly present. Why must we wait? Permission. Its as simple as that. Ugh.

Then today happened. We were about to go home for the night when the day's frustrations got the better of us. Just one! little! itty! bitty! kick! That's all! We feel better now.

Okay maybe three kicks. You got me. Can't hide that evidence, after all.

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  1. gail goodenowApril 12, 2011

    three kicks for human kind......woman kind. xo one of your mothers....


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