April 30, 2011

The two-by-four dilemma

Today we found this beauty.

And by found I actually mean bought for a super cheap price at a local antique barn. I miss Brooklyn street finds! Nobody throws things out on the curb here. Trash days are very regulated and everybody takes great care sorting out their recycling and such. Not like Brooklyn where anything goes and awesome treasures end up on the street! 

Likewise, there aren't any good dumpsters here either. I've been here over a month and I haven't seen a single raid-able dumpster. I'm nearly heart broken by this sad, sad fact.

That being said, we had to make an equally sad Home Depot purchase today: two by four's. Yep. We even looked in the salvage yards for them! But alas, some structural things must be made from un-salvaged wood. But enough of this melancholy, for tomorrow we build a booth! Well, the inside support frame of a booth. How will I sleep? I'm too excited.


  1. i too lament the lack of curb trash/treasures having moved from NC to LA... what to do.

  2. It really is a problem isn't it!


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