April 7, 2011

Wobbly, broken, squeaky, tippy, torn and ripped.

The chairs have moved in!

No, sadly, they are not all fixed yet -- far from it. But the important thing is that they are finally at the site, safe and sound. All fifty of them. No more worrying about the tarp blowing off them in the backyard and the morning dew making their joints more arthritic and loose than they already are.

And don't they look great? Already!

We love, love, the feel of the space, the colors and textures and light and outline of the chairs and that great ceiling. It just feels so good! This is the first time we have seen the space with anything in it, other than a few carpenters and electricians milling around. It's so exciting! The first glimpse into what this space will become.

It took us five or so Volvo trips back and forth to the site, chairs stacked in the back and strapped to the roof, to finally get them all here. Man, that Volvo is amazing. At one point we got thirteen chairs in and on top of that car in one trip! Geez, what would we do without it. {Thanks mom!}

And here's the bar stools! Mismatched and waiting to see if they make the cut. I'm thinking... yes! Totally.

We'll continue to work on re-gluing the chairs at the site now. A fully operating chair hospital just opened up, complete with privacy curtains and all. Well, actually, we set up a painters tarp around a corner of the space to keep the drywall dust out, and it ended up being absolutely ghostly and beautiful from the outside. Artsy shot!

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  1. the two hazel momApril 12, 2011

    volvo wise, you are welcome.....

    "edith" has carried 84 inch hand tied sofa's up big sur mountains, leapt over huge divets in dine (navajo) territory, been slept in under the stars and to ward off pink poodles and bears, and has been exercised once a month for a couple of years by a portland bowen worker who practices on the monterey peninsula a kind of energy magic, but who short circuits edith for some reason......edith is a member of the family and everywhere she goes makes friends of other vintage volvo wagoneers who admire her roof rack and 25 year old paint job and square head lights and leather interior, and most of all her stamina and wisdom on the road.....welcome to the old volvo wagon club. doors wide enough to actually get the object in that fits inside.....

    your site is great. the space is awesome.....love the verticalness of the chairs and the repetitive use of age and patina and reuse , the floors are great the way they are with maybe a bit of scuff-sanding and wax to age it down a little.....use the texture and listen to your intuition, not to the current local rags or experts. and do not touch that carmel stone with ugly grout......just find a local artist to forge some awesome andirons and a funky screen......within code of course....

    AND, the gathering of the chairs brings forward the ultimate gathering aspect of the diverse people of the community, and travelers to our community ,to commune with each other over local food and wine and within locally created reuse.

    with just a bit of pride on board,

    one of the moms.


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