April 1, 2011


When Amelie and I enter a lumber yard, its like two kids at a theme park. When we enter a reclaimed lumber yard, its like two kids who won the fuzzy-puppy lottery. We run around petting things and screeching and getting a little too excited. But how can you not, when you enter a place such as this? Its simply breathtaking.

This is one of my favorite things in the entire world: silver, sun bleached wood. To me, there is nothing more beautiful. And this place had heaps and stacks and piles of it, aged to perfection.

I just couldn't resist giving this pile a hug. It deserved it.

Amelie immersed herself in the deep maze of stacks, searching out the perfect slabs.

And for some reason, everywhere we went today, Amelie found something to match her dress. Is this turquoise just everywhere? Or do we naturally gravitate towards things that are this color? Even these huge plastic pipes, how pretty!

We didn't end up getting anything today, but we will, and I can't wait to go back. There are so many pieces and slabs and beams we want to get! Plus its just amazing to walk in between them, to be in the presence of such beautiful pieces of history. We would have preferred to come by more things like this when we were on the road, so that there would be a better story to where they came from. But hey, sometimes you just gotta acquire materials the 'normal' way, ya know?

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