May 11, 2011

Brooklyn to west, all over again

Look! It's Amelie!

She's back. And a lot has changed in her absence.  

It definitely took her a few moments to absorb the incredible difference. We spent about an hour walking around the space, updated her on floor plan switches, new additions, work related drama, minor hold-ups, and awesome successes.

Then, when things were settled in, we went out to check on a Craigslist find. An espresso machine!

Fantastic isn't it?

Italian, obviously. Used, of course. Vintage? Sorta. Broken? Yep, at the moment. But I like it, and it can be fixed-- all for way, way cheaper than getting a new one. And this baby comes with character!

Too bad I don't really like espresso.

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  1. Oohh what a beauty! You know espresso is just the base and you can make a capuccino, a mocaccino, an americano (called by italians) and many other types of coffee!


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