May 15, 2011

A day of downs and ups

Today was dusty, crazy, hectic and emotionally scarring, then slightly redeeming at the end.

Some high points were definitely these walls going up. There's just something great about walls. For so long they have only been lines on a roll of paper, and now they are starting to be real. Wow.

But before that, we went out early to get in line for the Habitat for Humanity sale. Just heard about it, had to go. Not only are we buying cheap used things, we are also putting money towards a good cause. And look what we found! They might not look very exciting to you (unless you've done this sorta thing before), but boy, are we thrilled.

That little white sink? It's a floor sink, meaning you recess it in the ground for appliances to drain into. They are usually about a hundred bucks. We got this cutie for ten. Then the stainless steel bar sink we bought for forty bucks. We looked up the faucet on that thing when we got home, and guess how much just the faucet costs, new? Three hundred dollars. Damn that's a nice sink!

After a stressful roller coaster of a day, it's usually a good idea to go home and eat some pasta. This one was fresh tomato, olives, pepper, capers and feta. Mmmm, so good.

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