May 17, 2011

Dear nail gun

... oh how I love you. You are so strong and efficient, and your nails are so beautiful.

Seriously. Nail guns are a-mazing. I want one. So bad! One of our lovely contractors let us use his today. It totally saved us (I know it's funny using a word like 'lovely' to describe a super macho contractor guy, but I can't help it. Sometimes they are just too nice).

And speaking of amazing, yesterday, our bar looked like this:

What bar? Exactly!

Today, it looked like this:

Woah, a bar!

Well kinda. It's getting there. So we started cutting up some wood for paneling. This is old trim we brought from Brooklyn that my neighbor gave me out of his brownstone.

The downfall of using old wood: most of the time it's crooked, warped, broken or twisted. Or all of the above. Meaning nearly every piece had to be chiseled to fit.

We got a lot more than this done today, but we can't show you yet because it was dark before we left the site. Tomorrow morning, we will take pictures of all the paneling we finished! Thanks entirely to the nail gun. 

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