May 5, 2011

Earplugs, please.

Today. Was. Loud.

They were cutting huge slices of the cement for plumbing in the kitchen. It was painful. It smelled awful. It was vibrating everything. I think the machine they were using was dying. It was burning oil and made the whole place thick with smoke. Clearly, I couldn't really stay in there long.

So I left. Then I came back three hours later to check on everything. Just in time too!

I pulled up and one of the guys was mid-swing in tossing an arm full of old wood into the dumpster. I practically gagged and jumped out of my car without putting it in park. Then scared the living daylights out of him by charging across the parking lot waving my arms and yelling. Yeah, I probably coulda' been a little cooler about that.

So yeah, I pretty much made the poor guy climb over the eight foot tall dumpster wall and rummage through the whole thing for all the wood he had thrown in there. But at least I helped! After all, I should have been clearer from the start that we were going to keep everything that came out of the old walls. I think he was just too perplexed as to why in the hell I'd want all this nail-infested crap. To him, it probably just looks like too much work to be worth it. But when I told him I would do the de-nailing and not him, he was much happier to go in there and get it!

Look at it all! It's beautiful! I mean, it's not super old, but it's old enough that the two by fours are actually two by four.


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