May 31, 2011

Enamel tops and old coins

Yesterday evening, I had an idea for the water service station. And today, my plan was put into motion. I love a quick turn-around!

Remember this beauty?

Now don't be sad yet, but here it is now:

I know, I know. It looks terrible and it looks like I destroyed it. Now normally, I would frown upon changing an antique, refinishing it or even cleaning it too much. But in this particular case, I'm super excited and I have no hesitations.

After opening it up and gutting it, look what I found wedged beneath a drawer.

I've never seen anything like it. It says One Centavo, Filipinas. And on the other side it says United States of America, 1944. Crazy! I'm going to take it somewhere and get some history on it. I definitely want to know the background.

So yes, we are cutting her a big hole and giving her a sink! I was pretty nervous as to how the enamel top was going to cut, and I was having heart palpitations imagining it chip and crack to the point where it was dead and unusable. But I was reassured by our awesome and incredible plumber, and sure enough...

It sunk right in! A perfect fit. It looks so, so good. Now I am working on reattaching the drawer panels, which won't actually be drawers anymore. But the cabinet door will still open and the whole thing will house the water filter. I knew this was meant to be when I realized that the wall I wanted it against measures forty six inches. And the cabinet measures? Forty five and a half inches. Amazing. I love it when these things happen!

So after such a great success, I finished up a table top.

And went for an evening stroll on the beach.


  1. Found this:

  2. I'm so happy you love it Amelie! Of course, I knew you would :)

    Paul, yeah apparently the coin is worth twenty cents in good condition. It's one of the highest editions of coins of that era, haha. But still, I'm happy to have it and I love that I found it in such an interesting way.

  3. Aaaaaaaa! I will go crazy. What's with the feet ? Why do you do that ? Is there something I don't know and everyone else knows and I wonder and everyone else laughs ? Aaaa! :)
    But, I love you work, really, love it.
    Best regards

  4. Awesome! I salvaged a table top like this from a cabin that was about to be torn down and would love to repurpose as bathroom vanity top. Can you tell me what tool/s your plumber used to make the sink cut-out? Thanks!


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