May 4, 2011

Good, good, day.

I walked in this morning to a beautiful sight.

Good bye walls. Ciao! I won't miss you.

Finally! Walls are crashing down, nails and dust are flying, and light is streaming into the back of the space where no light has touched for decades. I didn't get to take the first sledgehammer blow, but at this point I would have happily traded in a lot just to get those walls out. Plus, suddenly we have plenty of salvaged two by fours and two by sixes. I am so happy!

Amidst the banging and sawzall-ing we build the last booth, the one for the corner by the windows. Boy, we measured this thing to the sixteenth because we carried it over, and it slid right in. Perfect. Perfection, and even more happiness.

Our lovely booths are so strong! They even got approval from the general contractor. He was surprisingly impressed. That made me even more happy!

Then, more sawzalling, and some light appeared where the first skylight will be.

Which, as you can guess, pretty much put me over the edge on the happiness scale.

But to top it off (because if you're on a role, why stop there?) we went home and made homemade gnocchi.

It just doesn't get better than this.


  1. hummm des gnocchis!!!! miam

  2. I live in Santa Cruz and am enjoying watching this process. Found your blog through Scarlett of Saffron and Genevieve. Can't wait to eat at the restaurant!

  3. Great seeing your progress!!!

  4. Thank you all! It makes me so happy to check the blog and see new comments. It's so fun to share this craziness and excitement with everybody.

  5. The skylight is going to be beautiful... (And now I need to learn how to make homemade gnocchi!)

  6. GOOD GAWD THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS. (I might be really hungry right now, but I'm sure it would regardless)

    You guys are making such great progress! Love seeing how things are progressing. Skylights, oh my!


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