May 7, 2011

Green glue and grey wood

There's something in this world called Green Glue, and here it is.

I didn't make the name up. Looks like a giant bucket of mint ice cream to me, but what it actually does is soundproof. Yeah, we have a sound issue. Not the jackhammers, or the cement saws, or all the hammering. It's from next door. It's okay, we are fixing it, but what we hear from the business next door is dog barking.

So we put two layers of drywall on the wall, with two layers of this green stuff in between. Supposedly, that oughta' do it. And the guys put this stuff on like Jackson Pollock!

So while they were being unknowingly artistic over in their corner, I was being purposefully so in mine.

I built a table base! And a sturdy one at that. I'm so proud and happy.

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