May 1, 2011

Half a booth is only a bench

The partial skeleton of a booth was born today.

We put it together, took it apart, and put it back together twice. Sometimes you just gotta try it out to believe that some standard measurement is going to feel right... And ultimately every one likes their booths a little different, am I right? Steeper incline, deeper seats, taller, shorter.

We were going to build a double booth but somewhere along the line, something got cut an inch short, so this is now the end booth. Good thing for adaptation! Tomorrow, we add the middle support braces, cut off those tails sticking out the back, and sit on it for a while to make sure it's right. Maybe we'll eat a sandwich on it.

Well, perhaps we will get to all this after a big day at *drum role please* the Alameda Flea!

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